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Full-Size Replica of Jerusalem Under Development in Colorado

Plans to buy 700 acres and build the first ever full-size replica of the ancient city of Jerusalem are underway by a man in Colorado. He believes that the United States deserves a holy site for people to visit, and what better than to replicate the holiest site ever built. The project would like to break ground over the summer and have the first structure ready to tour by the following spring.

Most people travel to Colorado to look at mountains and ski. This project will bring people to Colorado for an entirely different reason. The project is expecting the total cost to exceed $100 million once complete and is looking for companies, organizations and wealthy individuals to help. They must raise the capital for this project privately because no banks will loan on it and the State of Colorado won’t invest in their own future.

This project is going to end up being one of the largest construction projects to ever be completed in Colorado. It will raise millions of dollars in tax revenue. Located on the site will also be a shelter able to house and feed up to 2,400 poor and homeless citizens.

The site chosen for the replica is on a small hill 45 miles east of the Rocky Mountains, but views of Pikes Peak and the front range are visible from the site. The plan is to build Herod’s Temple, Antonia’s Fortress, Herod’s Palace, City of David, Jesus’ crucifixion site, the High Priests Palace and all the small shacks and buildings that were scattered across the old city.

This isn’t being built for profit. This isn’t being built for anything other than that the developer wants to build something for the people of America and the people of the world that is built so well that it will require little maintenance and still stand 2,000 years from now.

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