Pakistani pastor attacked by Muslim mob, family’s home seized


A Pakistani pastor and his family were attacked in their home by a radical Muslim mob  in response to his Gospel ministry and are now homeless, the Missionary News Network reports.

Pastor Aziz, a former church planter who is supported by FMI (formerly known as Forgotten Missionaries International) in the Balochistan province, was the target of an attack that took place on May 27 at his home.

The attack marked the third time this year that the pastor has suffered an ambush at the hands of radical Muslims angered by his growing ministry.

According to FMI executive international director Bruce Allen, 35 men beat him, his wife and college-age daughter after entering the family’s home.

Fortunately for the pastor and family, the attack was said to have occurred as a police officer was patrolling the area. The officer and his colleagues were able to rescue the Christian family from the attack. But the mob seized the family’s home and they are now homeless.

“Pastor Aziz, who himself had come out of a Muslim background, has been evangelizing and church planting in the province of Balochistan,” Allen was quoted as saying. He said the pastor was targeted in order to stop his ministry from growing.

Aziz is said to have planted three churches in Balochistan, a province that borders Iran and Afghanistan. Aziz also operates outpost ministries along the border with Iran.

“These Muslim militants want to see that stopped,” Allen asserted. “But we are very glad that he is alive and he is determined to continue his ministry, even though he now has no home.”

According to Allen, Aziz’s congregations and ministries are still operating and have not been impacted by the attack. Although Aziz has faced two similar attacks already this year, it was the first time he was targeted in his home.

According to Allen, the family has previously faced persecution for their faith in Christ.

Over a decade-and-a-half ago, Allen said, Aziz’s 5-year-old son was kidnapped because of the family’s faith in Christ. Unfortunately, the family has not seen him since the abduction.


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