Senate President Karen Fann pointed to an apparent lack of voter confidence and said should the ongoing 2020 election integrity audit of Maricopa County unearth any problems, they must be resolved.

During an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast Fann said that a poll found that 55% of Arizona voters do not believe there is significant fraud, but Fann sees that statistic as a serious problem.

“Now I’m gonna flip that question around and say, Okay, wait a minute, that means at least 45% of people think that there’s a problem. So that’s not acceptable. This was not a polling as to whether you take your milk in your coffee in the morning. This is election integrity, that number should either be zero or 2%, not 45%. So when asked why I’m doing this, this is exactly why we are doing this,” she said.

survey earlier this year of 500 Arizona voters found while 54.8% thought there was probably or definitely not significant voter fraud that compromised the 2020 presidential election’s integrity, 42% thought that there was definitely or probably such fraud which marred the integrity of the contest.

“If we do in fact find some major irregularities or problems then our job is to fix it and make sure this doesn’t happen again so people can go to the polls … and know that it’s gonna be on the up and up and nobody’s playing any games,” Fann said. “The Senate has no authority and nor are we looking to overturn an election or decertify. That’s not our job. Our job is to make sure we have safe secure elections in the state of Arizona.”