The Biden administration will appeal a recent judicial order that a range of administration officials, including the entire FBI and DOJ, refrain from contacting social media companies to have First Amendment-protected content removed.

Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty issued the order on July 4. The case is part of an effort by Republican-led states to challenge the administration’s coordination with social media platforms, which they say was an effort to wrongly censor disfavored viewpoints online.

The Department of Justice, on Wednesday, however, filed a notice of appeal, according to The Hill. Any such appeal with go to the Fifth Circuit, in which Republican-appointed judges comprise the lion’s share. A DOJ spokesperson said the agency will likely seek a stay of the decision. Under President Joe Biden, the government has faced intense scrutiny for its efforts to curb disinformation online, with critics contending that such undertakings were in truth an attempt to silence opposition to government narratives.