The White House is spending close to $352 a night to provide beds to the estimated 80,000 migrant families expected to flood the border from now until September, according to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement document obtained by the Washington Examiner.

The contract rents out hotels in Texas and Arizona for six and a half months — 199 days. In these hotels, 1,239 beds will be occupied by those participating in the border surge, which the government dubs “emergency family reception sites.” After three days of sleeping in the hotel, migrant families who entered the country illegally will then be freed into the United States with a court date to be determined.

The initiative is part of an approximately $87 million contract ICE awarded to Family Endeavors, a San Antonio, Texas non-profit that has a former senior official on the Biden transition team, Andrew Lorenzen-Strait. No bids were solicited for the contract.

“In terms of solving the problem, it’s like roasting marshmallows at the scene of the fire,” James Carafano, a national security scholar at The Heritage Foundation told The Federalist. “All that money will do nothing to bring the border under control. You’re burning through an enormous amount of cash, which facilitates more illegal immigration …The potential risk of COVID adds to costs. The cartels are profiting off this to buy fentanyl.”

A month ago, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., tweeted that Biden is “spending around $395 a night per room” on illegal migrants instead of returning them to their home countries. She was ridiculed, but her estimate based on early figures from the contract was an accurate ballpark range.

“So Biden is spending $86,000,000 to purchase hotel rooms for 1,200 illegal alien families for six months,” Boebert tweeted. “By that math, he’s spending around $395 a night per room. How many of you have stayed in a $395/night hotel room?”

While the hotels carry a price tag of $352 a night for the Biden administration — and thus the American taxpayer — two of the hotels being used in El Paso, Texas can be booked at this present time for a price ranging from $91 to $179.