People across Texas saw a meteor light up the night sky and the fireball was caught on camera.

A meteor that was streaking through the skies near Austin last night, was seen by people across North Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

That bright streak, by the way, isn’t actually the meteor, which is really just a space rock. It’s glowing hot air, created as the rock zips through our atmosphere, giving us a glimpse of what we call a “shooting star.”

The meteor eventually explodes from the drag or friction, it hits the atmosphere. Any pieces that survive the explosion and make it to the ground are called meteorites.

Unusually large meteor in Norway

An ‘unusually large’ meteor briefly lit up southern Norway on Sunday, as it sped at up to 20km per second across the morning sky.

Reports of sightings started at around 1am, with sightings of the phenomenon recorded as far north as Trondheim.