A top advisor to several Chinese Communist Party-affiliated think tanks as well as the New York-based Asia Society gave a “stern warning” to those opposing a Chinese Communist Party takeover of Taiwan. He suggested the regime will pursue the policy by “whatever means possible.”

Speaking with LBC presenter Matt Frei, Victor Gao declared: “nothing in the world can stand in the way of the unification of China,” adding the goal would be accomplished through “preferably peaceful means, but if not, peaceful means whatever means possible.”

“Unification of China is a must,” he adds.

‘This is a stern warning to whoever in Taiwan who will oppose the reunification,” insists Gao, who is the Vice President of the Chinese Communist Party-linked Center for China and Globalization and an advisor to several other Beijing-linked influence groups such as the Beijing Energy Club and the China Energy Security Institute.

Gao also has a presence in the U.S., serving as a member of the Asia Society’s Global Counsel and a former Vice President at Morgan Stanley Asia.

The National Pulse has previously exposed the Asia Society for influencing curricula and personnel in American schools to align with “social justice”  and “globalism,” reaching up to 4,000,000 students and 100,000 educators.

When asked about America’s response to the Chinese Communist Party attempting to overtake Taiwan, Gao cautioned “Wake up, no American leaders who will want to shed blood of American soldiers for the unification of China.”