China already at war w/US, Chinese balloons hinting to an attack-Russian nuke bombers fly near Alaska in Warning

You will hear the following in this Report:

Russian nuclear ‘Bear’ bombers fly near Alaska
Dutch F-35 intercept, escort away Russian warplanes nearing Polish airspace
Norway warns of growing importance of Russian nuclear ‘deterrent’ in Arctic
Western intelligence says Russia is amassing aircraft on Ukraine’s border
It was no mistake: Chinese balloons hinting to an attack
US was tracking Chinese balloon for almost a week before it entered American airspace
China Threatens Retaliation Against U.S. For Downing Surveillance Balloon
China is already at war with America and the Biden administration is ignoring the signposts
Alaska Has Become the Front Line for U.S. Global Tensions
Taiwan threatens to shoot down any Chinese balloons
US test launches unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile
Former Army Secretary urges US to ‘wake up’ and ‘prepare for the worst’ against Chinese aggression
US holds drills in South China Sea amid China balloon tensions
Pentagon Reportedly Wants to Restart Programs Allowing US Troops in Ukraine