China may give Lethal weapons to Russia for War-US Draws Red Line-Ukraine Mayor warns of Nuclear War

You will hear the following in this Report:

US draws ‘red line’ for China
China may give Russia weapons for Ukraine war, Antony Blinken warns
Chinese Drones Still Support Russia’s War in Ukraine
South Africa to kick off military drills with Russia and China
Russia to test hypersonic missile in drills with China, South Africa – a first for an international exercise
Russia begins large-scale exercises of its strategic nuclear forces on the eve of Biden’s visit to Europe — Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense says
Likening Russia to Goliath, Zelensky says Ukraine needs David’s Sling from Israel
US warned Russia of Biden’s visit to Ukraine ‘hours’ before departure
Kyiv mayor issues dire nuclear warning for ‘everyone on our planet’
Israeli missile strikes building in central Damascus, five dead
Moscow strongly condemns Israeli strikes on Damascus
North Korea warns of ‘unprecedented’ action
Pyongyang fires missile ahead of US-South Korea military drills
North Korea warns of military action over joint S Korea-US drills
Japan says North Korea fired ballistic missile that could cover ‘entire’ United States
N. Korea makes fresh threats, US bombers fly after ICBM test
Pentagon sends its China point man to Taiwan – media
White House to hold ‘secret’ talks with Taiwan officials
U.S. and China military ‘unfortunately’ not communicating