China Sends Ballistic Missiles Over Taiwan,vows to punish offenders-Russia accuses US of direct involvement in Ukraine

You will hear the following in this Report:

-Ballistic Missiles Soar Over Taiwan, “Hundreds” Of PLA Fighters Breach Airspace, As 5-Day Drills Commence
-The Coming War Over Taiwan
-China launches its biggest ever live-fire military drill just 12 miles off Taiwan: ‘Beijing “miscalculation” could spark WAR’ with missiles shot OVER the island for the first time ‘in rehearsal for an invasion’
-China fires ‘precision missile strikes’ in Taiwan Strait
-China scraps high-level meeting with Japan
-China vows to ‘punish’ offenders
-US watching if China will use Pelosi Taiwan trip as ‘excuse’ for ‘escalatory’ action
-Putin will come to China’s aid if it goes to war over Taiwan, leading Russian senator vows – but Moscow will expect support for the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine
-Zelensky wants talks with China
-Russia has accused the US of direct involvement in the war in Ukraine
-Senate ratifies Sweden, Finland bids to join NATO amid Russia’s war on Ukraine