Chinas ready to bury enemies-Pelosi to Taiwan-Taiwan prepares for war-Putin says US main threat-Iran says will turn NY into hellish ruins

You will hear the following in this Report:

-Putin says United States is main threat to Russia
-Growing fears Putin will use nukes as Russia war effort falters, Brit expert claims
-China conducts military exercises amid tensions with US
-U.S. deploys ships and planes near Taiwan as Pelosi eyes visit
-China’s ready to ‘bury invading enemies’
-China warns its military will ‘not sit idly by’ if Pelosi visits Taiwan
-Pelosi expected to visit Taiwan, Taiwanese and US officials say
-Taiwan cancels leave of some soldiers ‘to immediately prepare for war’
-China Warns: Pelosi Trip Marks ‘Invasion’ and Military Has Right to Fire on Her Plane
-UK National Security Adviser Warns of Sudden Nuclear War with Communist China
-Chinese invasion of Taiwan may come sooner than expected
-Chinese navy watches US warships, holds drills in South China Sea
-McCaul: China’s ‘Timetable’ for Invading Taiwan Is Biden Being in Office, Invasion ‘Going to Happen Under President Biden’s Watch’
-The phrase “Don’t say we didn’t warn you” was issued before China’s last two war major wars and has now been invoked as it conducts military drills ahead of Nancy Pelosi’s proposed visit to Taiwan
-Iran says it will ‘build nuclear warheads’ and turn NY into ‘hellish ruins’
-US Aircraft Carrier, Amphibious Assault Ships Operating Near Taiwan