Christians are facing genocide in several countries as the persecution of followers of the religion has increased in at least 18 nations, according to recent research. 

The Catholic group Aid to the Church In Need released a report earlier this year titled, “Persecuted and Forgotten? A Report On Christians Oppressed For Their Faith 2020-22,” which highlighted “human rights violations” against Christians in 24 countries.

The group found that persecution increased in 75% of the countries surveyed.

In Africa, “extremism threatens previously strong Christian communities,” the report states. “In Nigeria and other countries, this violence clearly passes the threshold of genocide.”

The report also found that Christians are experiencing genocide in Ethopia’s Tigray region and in North Korea. 

“Religious nationalism and authoritarianism intensified problems for the faithful – including the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan, which prompted Christians and other minorities to attempt a desperate scramble to escape,” the report said.

Christians are not only killed, but in some areas they are detained on blasphemy charges or kidnapped and forced into marriages, the report found. 

“The suffering Church needs people to speak out for us,” the Rev. Andrew Adeniyi Abayomi wrote in the report.