The discovery of cocaine at the White House prompted an evacuation of the premises over the weekend and led to conservative quips that first son Hunter Biden may have been responsible.

The Secret Service confirmed that a preliminary field test had found the substance to be cocaine, according to the Washington Post.

The discovery came soon after first son Hunter Biden’s visit to the White House on Friday after which he and his father left for Camp David, Newsmax reported.

It remains unknown to whom the substance belonged or how it arrived at the premises, though numerous conservatives quipped that it may have belonged to first son Hunter Biden.

Newsmax host Robb Schmitt jested that “it wouldn’t be a thumpin’ July 4th weekend without Hunter Biden ripping lines off of a bust of Teddy Roosevelt.”

Hunter is known to have struggled with substance abuse, though he and his family maintains that he has long since kicked his addictions and worked to turn his life around.

Conservative podcast host Kyle Becker expressed incredulity at the development, saying “[m]y immediate thought was that this had to be a Hunter Biden joke. Nope!”

Dom Lucre, meanwhile, noted that the owner of the cocaine remained unknown but attached a number of salacious photos of the first son doing drugs to his post.

Mark Levin, on the other hand, offered up another possible source, saying “I am not ruling out possible members of the White House press.”

The first son recently reached a plea agreement in a federal tax investigation in which he would admit to two tax crimes and a gun charge that could be dismissed. The Department of Justice recommends he receive probation.