Following his announcement that he had signed a series of education reform bills for Florida aimed at providing students the cornerstones of American civics and discourse, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis joined Laura Ingraham on Fox News to discuss the legislation.

Ingraham was excited, she said, “…to read this today and it dovetails from the previous segment we just did on this critical race theory in the schools in Virginia and the fight against that. Now you signed legislation that requires kids in your public schools to be taught the evils of communism and to totalitarianism.”

She then asked the Governor to explain the motives behind the move.

DeSantis explained, “I put in a civics requirement in 2019 for high schools. We’re expanding that to include discussions of the evils of communism and totalitarianism. And then also we’re creating a patriot museum, Patriot Library, where we have stories of Floridians who fled from communist regimes, from Cuba, from Nicaragua, from Venezuela and beyond.”

“This will show the effect that these bad policies had on people’s freedoms and livelihoods and their families, many of them in south Florida, for example, lost family members to communism.”

The Governor added, “I think it’s important that we get this in the classroom and provide an honest assessment of what this totalitarian ideology has done for the last hundred plus years.”