Senator Marshall from Kansas put forth an amendment to the Senate Budget Resolution that requires illegal migrants apprehended on the southern border to be tested for COVID-19 before they are transported away from the border. If the test result is positive, they will be quarantined and not transported from the border until they test negative.

The amendment is a part of Section 3 of S. Con. Res. 14. Marshall’s amendment was supported by Senators John Cornyn, Susan Collins, and Jerry Moran. Senator Marshall is also Dr. Marshall, a medical doctor (OB/GYN), with public health expertise. Section 3 establishes “a deficit-neutral reserve fund relating to protecting migrants and local communities against COVID-19.” Marshall’s amendment is a no-brainer except for eleven Senate Democrats who voted against it. It is such a common-sense amendment, as a matter of fact, that both Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Majority Whip Dick Durbin ended up urging the no voters to change their votes to yes.

The amendment is straightforward. It ensures resources are provided for testing and treatment of migrants at the border and for quarantining those who test positive for COVID. What is there to object to?

Schumer and Durbin aren’t stupid. They know that as the highly contagious Delta variant is causing a spike in COVID-19 cases around the country – especially in Texas – it is important for the Democrats to show a united front in measures to protect the health of Americans. But, no, the holdouts for providing safe haven for illegal migrants at all costs, including human health, aren’t concerned about a public health crisis.

Here are their names. You’d think that the two from New Mexico would be in favor of protecting the health of their constituents given that the state does have some border with Mexico. Politics above everything else, I guess.

Marshal pointed to the hypocrisy on display from those demanding coronavirus mitigation mandates for Americans while encouraging illegal migration at the southern border. The Border Patrol and other law enforcement at the border are so overwhelmed with the flood of migrants that they are unable to test them before transporting them away from the border with the limited resources they have. The Biden administration has not properly staffed the areas most affected or provided other resources. Local communities are left to test those dumped into their towns as they scramble to provide shelter for them.