End Times News Report – Week in Review: 2/12 through 2/17/23

Join Susan Davis and Dina Kalmeta as they continue to report on prophetic events from all around the world, all of which happened in just seven days, which include the following:

-‘Alien Invasions’: Congressman Addresses Speculation After UFOs Shot Down
-US shoots down another aerial object — this time over Lake Huron
-Chinese authorities said they were preparing to shoot down an ‘unidentified flying object’ spotted near the Yellow Sea
-US military shoots down unidentified flying object over Great Lakes region; same object spotted over Montana
-Cyclone Gabrielle – Extreme rain and winds impact New Zealand, unprecedented rainfall totals expected in some areas
-What’s up with the 50 US nuclear bombs stored at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey?
-United States tells citizens: depart Russia immediately
-Japan’s Defense Ministry says a Chinese naval ship sailed inside Japan’s territorial waters
-Karangetang volcano is sending hot avalanches of lava down its slope
-Deaths in Turkey, Syria earthquake could exceed 50,000
-Deep M6.1 earthquake hits Kermadec Islands
-Thousands displaced by flooding in northern Syria after earthquakes trigger dam breach
-NORAD gives notice of air defense exercise around Washington, DC, set for Tuesday
-Turkey’s earthquake split land in huge rifts
-Wildfires continue raging out of control across Chile
-24 hours in Jerusalem: three terror attacks
-Russian Bombers and Fighter Jets Intercepted by U.S. Aircraft Near Alaska
-Dutch jets intercept three Russian military planes near Poland, ministry says
-Large dust storms create significant reductions in visibility, cause multiple car crashes, U.S.
-Strong M6.3 earthquake hits Cook Strait, New Zealand

And many more headlines, tune in to hear more!