End Times News – Week in Review

Today’s show will feature several different end time news events that have occurred in the last week as it relates to Bible Prophecy, including the following:

-Wars and Rumors of Wars (China, Russia, USA, Taiwan, Iran, Israel)
-Russia says it’s working to build a ‘democratic world order’ with China
-Apocalyptic Weather (Floods, Tornadoes, Extreme Lightening Strikes, Landslides, Fires, Towering Waterspout)
-Animal Deaths
-Animal’s attacking humans
-Roe vs Wade
-Falling Away (ChurchToo)
-Crime increases (Hearts grow Wax Cold)
-A comet twice as big as Mount Everest is headed past Earth soon
-Comet Bigger Than Dinosaur-killing Asteroid to Fly Past Earth
-Obama-Biden administration’s top policy advisors proposed a two-child limit per family
-Encouragement to talk to the dead (necromancing)

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