A CAPTURED ISIS fighter has made a chilling confession detailing how the terrorist group planned on exploiting vulnerabilities in the US border with Mexico to take advantage of smuggling routes and to target financial institutions.

Abu Henricki, a Canadian with dual Trinidadian citizenship, said that he was sought out to attack the US from a route starting in Central America.

The ISIS fighter was interviewed last month – together with over 160 ISIS defectors and returnees – by research group the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism.

The study, published in Homeland Security Today, concluded: “We have learned … about multiple individuals who knew of, or were themselves offered, or pressured by the ISIS emni (intelligence) to return to Europe to mount attacks at home.”

Henricki was detained by the SDF in Rojava, Syria, and spoke with researchers for more than an hour on May 12, giving his firsthand account of being attracted to, travelling, joining and serving in the Islamic State Caliphate, first as a fighter and then later unable to fight due to chronic illness.

In video footage of Henricki’s confession, he opens up about a plot in which he says he and other Trinidadians were invited in late 2016 to attempt to penetrate the US borders to mount financial attacks.

He explains: “The emni [ISIS intelligence arm] was inviting us.

Dina Amelia Kalmeta is the Founder and CEO of Your New Life in Christ Ministries - CWW7NEWS. Dina reports on world events as they pertain to Bible Prophecy. Before Your New Life in Christ Ministries, Dina served as a Leader for INCHRIST NETWORK leading teams online and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her mission today is to bring hard evidence that what is taking place in the world isn't just coincidence, but indeed proof that the last days the Bible warned us about are upon us right now.