Kansas State Rep. Aaron Coleman (D) has been arrested by Overland Park Police as of 8:15pm Saturday. He is now in the Johnson County Jail and has been charged with domestic battery.

While the exact circumstances of Coleman’s arrest remain undisclosed as of the time of this writing, the politician has a history of accusations of physical violence towards his significant others, and was subject to a legislative inquiry earlier in 2021 over the issue.

Coleman, 21, had a previous run-in with the Kansas Department of Labor after he allegedly tried several times to break into parts of the building that were off-limits to people who weren’t directly employed there, and verbally abused an officer when caught.

According to the Kansas City Star, Kansas State Minority Leader Tom Sawyer (D) made the following statement:

“We are watching closely to make sure we gather all the facts. His constituents and the State of Kansas would be better served if he were to resign and get the help he badly needs. However, I want to reiterate again that the House Democratic Caucus does not condone this behavior in any way, shape, or form.”

In a similar fashion, Kansas House Speaker Ron Ryckman (R) also commented, “I am concerned for everyone involved. I know that law enforcement will thoroughly investigate and assess the situation so that we can take appropriate action.”

This is not the first Kansas state representative that has been arrested this year. State Rep. Mark Samsel (R) was also arrested on May 1 2021 after getting into a physical fight with a student in his classroom.