Yesh Atid’s leader Yair Lapid announced Wednesday night that he has managed to form a coalition after a series of back-to-back meetings with the leaders of the anti-Netanyahu camp in the Knesset.

Lapid has formally informed President Reuven Rivlin of his success, saying that “The government will do everything it can in order to unite and unify all sections of Israeli society.”

“I am honored to inform you that I have managed to form a government. The government will be a rotation government, in accordance with clause 13a in the Basic Law on the Government. I will lead it with MK Naftali Bennett who will be the first to serve as prime minister,” Lapid said.

“I give you my word that this government will work in the service of all of Israel’s citizens, those that voted for it and those that did not. It will respect its opponents, and will do everything it can to unify and unite all parts of Israeli society,” Lapid told President Rivlin.

Lapid’s coalition is composed of Yesh Atid, Yamina, Kahol Lavan, New Hope, Labor, Yisrael Beiteinu, Meretz and United Arab List.

New Hope’s Gideon Sa’ar and Yamina’s Naftali Bennett were the last to sign the coalition agreement with Lapid, shortly following United Arab List’s Mansour Abbas