It’s no secret the Chinese communist regime is preparing to invade Taiwan. The only question is when. 

A new annual report by the Defense Ministry in Taipei, seen by Bloomberg, offers a stark reality that China’s armed forces can “paralyze” Taiwan’s defenses. 

Beijing has been ratcheting up military maneuvers around the island. The document “offered a more alarming assessment than last year’s report, which had said China still lacked the capability to launch an assault,” Bloomberg said. 

Taiwan’s Defence Ministry explained in the report, addressed to lawmakers, that china can launch “soft and hard electronic attacks.” This means China can unleash electronic warfare weapons to degrade communications across the island and communications from Japan and the Philippines. 

On top of this, Beijing “can combine with its internet army to launch wired and wireless attacks against the global internet, which would initially paralyze our air defenses, command of the sea and counter-attack system abilities, presenting a huge threat to us.” 

With the probabilities increasing, China could attempt to seize Taiwan by force amid America’s disorganized exit from Afghanistan, which has tarnished U.S. prestige. Allies of the West, such as Japan and Taiwan, held talks about increasing aggression in the Taiwan Strait. 

Beijing views Taiwan as part of its territory, even though it has never ruled it, and has threatened invasion to prevent Taipei lawmakers from moving toward complete independence. 

We have noted countless times that Beijing’s war drills around Taiwan are dry runs in preparation for an invasion. 

U.S. Adm. Philip Davidson, head of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM), recently said an invasion could come in the next three years. 

“If they haven’t done in 10 years, I think [Chinese leader] Xi [Jinping] will probably have been removed from office. I think even six years is pushing it,” Mills recently said.