The sanctuary city of New York City has started transforming public school gyms into migrant shelters for newly arrived adult border crossers and illegal aliens.

Since the spring of 2022, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and other governors have bused over 60,000 border crossers and illegal aliens to New York City. In response, Mayor Eric Adams (D) has opened nearly 100 so-called “emergency shelters,” though the majority are luxury hotels to which the city has given lucrative contracts to house newly arrived migrants.

Now, Adams has started turning public school gymnasiums into migrant shelters that will house hundreds of adult border crossers and illegal aliens, according to ABC7 New York.

Public school gyms, such as PS 188 in Coney Island and PS 17 in Williamsburg, will each house adult migrants despite there being school children in remarkably close proximity. PS 188, in particular, already has nearly 100 migrants staying in its gym.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea because it’s inside of a school,” a parent of a PS 188 student told local media, while a student’s sister said, “God forbid a kid goes missing. What’s Eric Adams going to say? I’m sorry? No, something needs to be done.”

Adams plans to fill a former school in Staten Island with at least 300 border crossers and illegal aliens. He is also gearing up to turn PS 172 in Sunset Park and PS 189 in Crown Heights into migrant shelters.

The cost of New York City’s insistence to provide expansive housing and care to newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens comes at the expense of New Yorkers, who are set to foot a four-billion-dollar bill.