n the early hours of Monday, the North Korean military successfully conducted what appeared to be a ballistic missile test. The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff revealed that the country’s military had detected a launch of two ballistic missiles from the Sunan Airport in Pyongyang, the DPRK’s capital city.

North Korea declared it conducted a test launch of tactical guided missiles on January 17, the South Korean news agency Yonhap reported on Monday night.

According to the report, citing the DPRK’s state media, the two projectiles launched were short-range ballistic missiles (SRBMs) of the KN24 type.The missiles reportedly “accurately” hit a target in the East Korea Sea (Sea of Japan).

The country’s leader Kim Jong-un, however, was not present at the launch this time, although he watched the flight of the previous rocket launched on January 11.

In its turn, the South Korean JCS reportedly stated that two missiles were launched into the Sea of Japan at 8:50 and 8:54 a.m., from the northeast of North Korea. The missile had a range of around 380 kilometers and a height of about 42 kilometers.The maximum speed of the missile was reported to be approximately Mach 5.

Moreover, the firing interval was shortened to just 4 minutes from 11 minutes when two “North Korean versions of Iskander” (KN-23) were fired on January 14.An unknown South Korean military official reportedly told Yonhap that the forces are looking into the possibility that the increased test launches numbers are planned to ensure the capability of sustained firing capability of a “super-large” multiple rocket launcher.