With about a month until the recall election in California, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she is working to keep Gov. Gavin Newsom in office.

“We respect it,” she said of the effort, “but we do not like it, and we will defeat it.”

The speaker urged “everybody to get out the vote,” on Thursday during an event with California Rep. Maxine Waters, adding that she has her “own operation working to get out the vote, making calls to defeat the recall of our governor.”

Californians will be asked two questions on the ballot—whether the governor should be recalled and who should replace him if he is. Forty-six candidates are seeking to replace the progressive governor. Salem radio host Larry Elder is currently the Republican frontrunner in the race.

Gov. Newsom, meanwhile, has sought to tie Elder to former President Trump, referring to him in fundraising emails as “Larry Trump.”

“If this guy is governor during Delta it would lead to extraordinary suffering,” Newsom claimed in the email. “His anti-science approach would move our planet backward in the race against a changing climate. He would be a disaster for California.”