The Seattle Police Department arrested a violent career criminal in mid-December who is the alleged suspect in multiple serious violent crimes, including attempted murder. Now, there is a $200,000 warrant out for the suspect’s arrest who was released by King County prosecutors after spending only three nights in jail.

Nasra A. Abdulle was arrested on December 11 after Seattle police officers apprehended her at a shooting in the city. Following her arrest, Abdulle was transported and booked into King County Jail on multiple felony harassment charges and unlawful possession of a firearm.

King County prosecutors set Abdulle’s bail at $50,000 which she posted three days later on December 14 and was released, despite having an extensive criminal history. Sources within the Seattle Police Department told The Post Millennial thatofficers caughtAbdulle at two separate shootings over a two week span leading up to her arrest.

“SPD had to issue a $200,000 warrant just to get her back into jail before she kills somebody,” an SPD officer told The Post Millennial. “This city is crazy.”

Nasra A. Abdulle is also the main suspect in an armed robbery and investigators believe she is involved in multiple carjackings throughout the city, according to SPD sources.

The King County prosecutor’s decision to release Abdulle despite her involvement in significant crimes has become something of a precedent for progressive officials. In September, a judge was set to release a suspect who fired 15 rounds in an apparent ambush attack on a police officer in Renton, Washington. The release was only blocked after members in the law enforcement community voiced significant outrage over the judge’s decision.

Many Seattle residents were thrilled when Republican Ann Davison was elected in November to be the next City Attorney, hoping the tough on crime candidate would be the turning point the city so desperately needs.

However, the progressive City Council is now actively trying to interfere with Davison’s job and introduced a bill that would take away the decision of which cases to prosecute away from the city attorney. Instead, they want to decide as a collective which cases Ann Davison will get to prosecute.

As for Abdulle, officers have not yet been able to make an arrest in order to re-book her into King County Jail.