Virginia Roberts’ 2009 settlement with notorious sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has been made public by Prince Andrew‘s lawyers, according to the BBC. These documents show that Roberts agreed not to sue anyone connected with Epstein who could be described as a “potential defendant.”

Epstein paid Roberts $500,000 (USD) in order to drive this settlement through.

Roberts is currently suing Prince Andrew for several million, alleging that the royal sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager. She also alleges that Prince Andrew and Epstein trafficked her for the purpose of sex.

Prince Andrew has denied these allegations, even doing a bizarre BBC interview where he claimed a photo of him and Roberts was fake as he did not sweat.

This document was released before a crucial hearing on Tuesday where the judge will decide whether to go through with the lawsuit. Prince Andrew’s lawyers have said this should end the lawsuit as Roberts agreed not to sue anyone.