Putin to send nukes to Belarus-China/US Relations Heat up! N.Korea Threatens to bomb US & S. Korea

You will hear the following in this Report:

Berlin accuses Putin of nuclear intimidation attempt
Putin to send nuclear weapons to Belarus
Russia will bomb any country if Putin gets arrested, says ally; EU leaders endorse Ukraine ammunition deal
Putin ‘trying to provoke’ WW3 by flying armed jets over US military bases
China threatens consequences over US warship’s actions
Philippines: 42 Chinese Ships Seen Near Disputed Island
U.S. Sells 400 Tomahawk Missiles to Japan
North Korea claims sea drone capable of unleashing “radioactive tsunami”
Mass protests erupt in Israel after Netanyahu fires defense chief
Top US general: ‘Multiple options’ exist if Iran decides to build a bomb
US army chief: Iran could produce enough material for nuclear weapon within 2 weeks
Israel threatens military strike if Iran enriches uranium above 60%
US bombs Syrian targets after deadly drone attack
New missile strikes injure more US forces in Syria: Report
Iran retaliates against US strikes, fires 3 missiles at American base in Syria
Syria: 19 killed in retaliatory US strikes on Iran-linked groups