Russia has warned ‘Armageddon’ could be on the horizon in a terrifying warning aired on state TV.

The ominous message was released after tensions around the Zaporizhzia atomic power plant grew this week.

Ukrainian leaders accused Russia of “deliberately shelling” the plant, which is the biggest in Europe. Russia denies the charges and claims it is Ukraine risking nuclear catastrophe by shelling the plant.

But there are fears Putin’s forces will blame a disaster at the plant on Ukraine and use it as a pretext to deepen the conflict.

Now Russian President Vladimir Putin’s largest state-controlled TV channel has given airtime to the leader of pro-Kremlin Ukrainian movement Parus, Yury Kot, who claimed it was Kyiv and the West jeopardizing nuclear safety.

He urged Putin to be ready to fire nuclear missiles at London and Washington.

“We all understand very well that Ukraine and the West are concocting a fictional reality over Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant,” he said on Channel One.

“We are dealing with the reality.

“We need to tell Ukraine and its supporting countries – Britain and America foremost…and make it clear.

“If Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant is damaged and a disaster occurs, two missiles will immediately strike your decision-making centers

“One in Washington, the other in London – nuclear ones. And that’s it, there won’t be any more talk.”

But he was slapped down by another talkshow pundit Aleksey Mukhin, head of Centre for Political Information, who said: “This would trigger the mutual destruction protocol, so I would honestly refrain from making such statements.”

Putin has boasted that his new Sarmat [Satan-2] and Tsirkon nuclear missiles are “unstoppable” by Western defences.

Meanwhile, on Rossiya 1 channel Putin propagandist Igor Korotchenko – a reserve colonel and editor-in-chief of Russia’s National Defence magazine – warned of a nuclear-style winter even without a missile strike caused by the gas shortages being imposed on the West by Putin.

“So this world is doomed,” he claimed.

“Millions of Europeans…are terrified by winter coming.

“It will be like a nuclear winter, an apocalypse before our eyes.

“Switching off the energy, lack of gas, marauders on the streets, hassles with the police and desperate people’s attempts to survive.

“There will be no food, no electricity, and no gas.

“And the main thing is there will be no hope.”