Taliban Wont Extend 8/31 Deadline,warns of consequences-World Leaders angry w/Biden-Chaos at Airport

You will hear the following in this Report:

-US forces down Iranian drone in eastern Syria
-Afghan security forces member killed in gunfight with ‘unknown assailants,’ as US & German troops join battle at Kabul airport
-‘There will be consequences’: Taliban warn US and Britain to get out, saying August 31 withdrawal deadline is a ‘red line’ and it will ‘provoke a reaction if they are intent on continuing the occupation’
-Secretary of State Antony Blinken won’t dispute U.S. has to ask Taliban for PERMISSION to evacuate Americans
-Pentagon orders U.S. airlines to help fly Afghanistan evacuees
-French President Emmanuel Macron Lectures Joe Biden on ‘Moral Responsibility’ in Afghanistan
-Military planes evacuating Afghans drop flares and make ‘diving combat landings’ amid fears of ISIS missile attacks as TWENTY die including girl, two, at Kabul airport in stampede to escape Taliban before US lifeline ends
-IS security threat emerging at Kabul airport, defense officials say
-Former UK commander in Afghanistan says Biden shouldn’t be impeached: ‘He should be court-martialed’
-‘It’s the greatest military defeat of all time’: Trump rages at Biden over chaotic Afghanistan exit at rally and calls it a ‘total surrender’ that ‘would never have happened if I was president’
-Afghans caught in Kabul airport chaos say victims are being shot, beaten, and trampled to death with at least TWENTY killed including two-year-old girl in stampede to escape Taliban before America shuts down lifeline
-British Parliament Unloads On Biden: ‘Biden May Have Condemned The World To Chinese Domination In Future’
-NEWSMAX: Trump: Biden Must Apologize to America for Afghanistan Chaos
-Sunday Times: UK government ministers are openly questioning the sanity of Joe Biden
-Taliban Seizing U.S. Passports from Afghan Americans
-IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to shooting of soldier at border
-Taliban in U.S. Military Gear Mocks Iconic WWII Photo of Marines Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima
-Iran says it is expanding defense beyond borders, will continue missile program
-Pentagon Confirms Evacuated Afghans Being Sent to Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia
-US Warns American Citizens To Avoid Kabul Airport One Day After Biden Reassures That All Is Well
-After 4 Years Of Trying To Throw Out Trump, It May Actually Be Biden Who Doesn’t Finish His First Term
-After soldier shot on Gaza border, PM vows to ‘settle the score’ with attackers


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