President Donald Trump took the stage at his first rally since leaving the White House on Saturday in Wellington, Ohio. In front of thousands of supporters, Trump took aim at “woke” military generals, President Joe Biden’s immigration policies, and critical race theory.

“The Biden administration issued new rules pushing twisted critical race theory … into our military,” Trump said. “Our generals and our admirals are now focused more on this nonsense than they are on our enemies.”

“You see these generals lately on television? They are woke,” Trump told the crowd in northeast Ohio. “Our military will be incapable of fighting and incapable of taking orders.”

Trump was likely referring to comments made last week by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, who defended critical race theory being taught in the military, and said he wanted to “understand white rage.”

Trump appointed Milley to the position in December 2018.

Trump pledged to “break up big tech monopolies, reject left-wing cancel culture, and we will restore the right to free speech in America.”

The former president hammered Biden over the current border crisis.

“We have to defund his reckless immigration policies and restore our southern border to where it was,” Trump declared.

Trump, who will visit the U.S. southern border on June 30 with Texas Gov. Greg Abbot, claimed that Vice President Kamala Harris only went to Texas because he is traveling there this week.

“Kamala Harris, your vice president, only went to the border yesterday for the one simple reason that I announced that I was going,” Trump said. “If I didn’t do that, I don’t know if she was ever going to go.”

“After just five months, the Biden administration is already a complete and total catastrophe. I told you,” Trump said during the speech that lasted over an hour.

“I’m trying to save American democracy,” Trump told the crowd at the Lorain County Fairgrounds, about a half-hour southwest of Cleveland.

Trump vowed that Republicans would mount a significant comeback in the 2022 elections, predicting “giant Republican majorities” in both chambers of Congress.

“We’re going to take back the House, and we’re going to take back the Senate,” Trump promised the crowd. “We have no choice.”

Trump used the rally to endorse his former White House adviser Max Miller, who is challenging Republican incumbent Anthony Gonzalez in Ohio’s 16th congressional district.

Trump called Gonzalez “a grandstanding RINO” and “a sell-out.” Gonzalez has drawn the ire of Trump after he was one of the 10 Republicans to vote to impeach the then-president over the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Trump called the impeachment vote “a betrayal he can never turn back from and that he should have to answer to, day after day after day.”

“He’s a fake Republican and a disgrace to your state,” Trump said of Gonzalez. “And he’s not the candidate you want representing the Republican Party. He’s the candidate of Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney.”

During the 91-minute speech, Trump lashed out at his familiar foils such as Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the “fake news.” The supporters participated in crowd-favorite chants of “CNN sucks” and “lock her up.”

Trump teased that he may run for president in 2024.

“We won the election twice, and it’s possible we might have to win it a third time,” Trump proclaimed. “Our movement is far from over. In fact, our fight has only just begun.”