A RUSSIAN fighter jet has intercepted a pair of US nuclear bombers as Vladimir Putin ordered his own planes into the sky.

Footage taken from the Su-35 shows it flying beside one of two massive B-52s while Russian Tu-95 Bear nuclear bombers were seen taking off in a show of force from the Russian tyrant.

The encounter between the US and Russian planes was the first between the sides since the drone clash.

Before the B-52s were intercepted by Vladimir Putin’s planes, a photo shows them being escorted by Polish F-16 jets over the Baltic Sea.

It comes after Russian fighter jets dumped fuel on a US Reaper drone before crashing into it above the Black Sea.

In the latest incident, Russia’s defence ministry said its radar detected two targets which were identified as US Air Force B-52H bombers, the state-owned TASS news agency reported.

The ministry said a Su-35 fighter jet took to the air in order to prevent a border violation.

After that “the foreign military aircraft moved away from the Russian Federation state border, the Russian fighter returned to its base airfield”.

The Su-35’s flight was strictly in line with international rules of the use of airspace during Monday’s incident, added the ministry.