CHINA and the US face “multiple wars” over the coming century, according to geopolitical expert Matt Gertken.

US military planners have been warned to prepare for “multiple wars” with China over the next 100 years. Mr Gertken has advised the US to prepare for growing conflict with China as the two superpowers square off for global dominance. The geopolitical expert warned that the US under Joe Biden is seeking to regain a strategic foothold in the South Pacific whereas China is looking to develop a more nationalist foreign policy, increasing the likelihood of all-out war.

Mr Gertken told Kitco News: “It may not be one war, you will often have multiple wars.

“Especially when the two powers are maritime powers because they can fight naval skirmishes that are a relatively isolated form total war.

“So in other words the US and China in the coming century could have more than one conflict.

“Not to mention the fact that yes conflict is likely to occur based on history.

“It is incumbent on the politicians, the political leaders, to avoid this and in that front, it is very tough.

“First of all in the US, it is clear that we have a consensus by both parties that the US dropped the ball for several years while it was engaged in the middle east.

“Didn’t pay attention to China so the US is definitely looking to revive its strategic anchor in the pacific and that is going to happen no matter what.

“That is going to put pressure on China, and that is going to cause tensions.”

“The other thing is China itself potential GDP is slowing, you need some sort of legitimacy,” he added.

“It has been leading to more nationalism and a more assertive foreign policy.

“And so that is going to cause tensions with the US and China’s neighbors who are allied with the US.”

It comes as Japan issued a rallying cry for regional actors such as Australia to stand up to China.

“Japan urges Australia to step up on China,” political reporter Clare Armstrong told Sky News Australia last week.

“Japan’s defence minister has warned that China is trying to change the status quo in the region by force.

“They called on Australia and other allies to step up to ensure Beijing’s dominance isn’t inevitable.

“It seems that Japan is equally concerned about the rise of China.”