Putin is tipped to be ‘readying’ a catastrophic nuke missile launch in a bid to send a warning to the West. The Russian president is said to have ordered that the launch be timed to coincide with the upcoming, massive offensive that Russia will be conducting with hundreds of thousands of soldiers. There are reports that an attack on Ukraine is ready to be launched by the Russian military, which comprises of thousands of tanks, armoured cars, and attack helicopters. The Kremlin is reportedly assembling 810 rocket launchers and 2,700 artillery pieces for a fresh round of attacks, according to Foreign Policy.

A Satan-2 missile is estimated to be 116 feet, capable of carrying 15 nuclear warheads simultaneously. Its reach is capable of destroying the United Kingdom within six minutes, even from a distance of 1,600 miles.

With a range that extends to 11,180 miles, the missile is considered unmatched in its destructive potential compared to Western counterparts.

Despite this, it is believed that the launch will only be a test, as there have been delays in the development and deployment of this fearsome weapon under Putin’s leadership.

A warning has been issued by the Russian government regarding a potential test launch of a nuclear-capable strategic missile between February 15th and 25th.

The test launch is expected to take place at the Kura test range, and local officials in remote areas of Kamchatka have been advised to be prepared.

Three districts on the Kamchatka peninsula, including Tigilsky, Karaginsky, and Ust-Kamchatsky, have been designated as “risk zones” where missile debris could potentially land and travel restrictions are in place for locals.

The military is conducting “experimental and testing operations” in these areas, which are larger in size than England. According to the Telegram channel MilitaryRussia, Putin may also test-launch a Bulava or Yars missile.