War Between NATO & Russia Unavoidable-Russia sends chilling warning-China can NOW invade Taiwan

You will hear the following in this Report:

-Moscow comments on reports Russia is ready to invade Ukraine
-White House Calls on Russia to De-Escalate Tensions With Ukraine
-US seeks balance as fears grow Russia may invade Ukraine
-Russia-NATO war over Ukraine is becoming increasingly unavoidable
-Putin ‘playing chess’ with the West, Ukraine’s defense minister claims
-US patrol boats sent to back up Ukrainian Navy near Black Sea
-Putin Dispatches Russian Vessels to Shadow U.S. Warships During Flare-Up
-Two Russian strategic bombers make flight near Alaska
-Russian & Chinese bombers patrol off Japan
-A Space Force general said US hypersonic missile capabilities are ‘not as advanced’ China and Russia’s
-Russia launches Zircon hypersonic missile
-Putin-Biden meeting planned ‘before year’s end’
-Kremlin Accuses West of Artificially Whipping up Ukraine Tensions
-Russia set to launch winter invasion of Ukraine, US media claims
-Taiwan deploys advanced fighter jets amid tensions with China
-Chinese military now set for invasion of Taiwan, says Hill commission
-China’s hypersonic nuke ‘fired a SECOND missile mid-flight’ leaving Pentagon reeling as experts say it ‘defies science’

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