Flash flooding spread through southeast Mauritius on Friday, April 16, 2021, damaging homes and leaving many people stranded on roads. Up to 408 mm (16 inches) of rain was registered in Plaisance, which is twice the average April rain for this location. 

Heavy rainfall began Thursday, April 15, inundating parts of the southeastern region. Local media reported damage to several homes and several people trapped in vehicles. 

Severe weather continued into Friday, resulting in evacuations. In Bambous Virieux, nine people were rescued from several flooded areas, while schoolchildren were saved in a bus stranded in rising waters.

The Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service said they carried out more than 30 emergency operations and assistance.

Other affected areas included Vieux-Grand-Port, Petit-Bel-Air, Bois-des-Amourettes, and Plaine Mgagnien. In Petit-Bel-Air, a landslide occurred completely blocked access to a road.

In Plaisance, up to 408 mm (16 inches) of rain was recorded, which was twice the average April rain.