World Holds Breath as China vows to fight to the death, warns of Targeted military actions

You will hear the following in this Report:

-Сhina dispatches state-of-the-art warships
-China Plans Four Days of Military Drills in Areas Encircling Taiwan
-China vows ‘targeted military actions’ in response to Pelosi Taiwan visit
-4 US warships positioned east of island
-Taiwan sees cyberattack, Chinese warplanes amid spat with China over expected Pelosi visit
-U.S. House Speaker Pelosi arrives in Taiwan
-China slams ‘extremely dangerous’ US actions in Taiwan as Pelosi visits
-‘PREPARE FOR WAR’ China vows to ‘fight to the death’ & masses tanks on beaches ahead of ‘D-Day style invasion’ on Taiwan fuelling WW3 fear
-Two Chinese aircraft carriers set out to sea as warplanes buzz the Strait of Taiwan
-UN chief warns world is one step from `nuclear annihilation’
-Moscow warns of cutting ties with US
-Online footage shows China amassing military
-Germany promises to help Taiwan if China attacks
-Russia stands in ‘absolute solidarity’ with China