Joe Biden announced Thursday that he is planning to sanction individual Cuban officials and entities.

“This is just the beginning–the United States will continue to sanction individuals responsible for oppression of the Cuban people,” Biden said in a statement. “The United States stands with the brave Cubans who have taken to the streets to oppose 62 years of repression under a Communist regime.”

One target of the sanctions is Alvaro Lopez Miera, the head of the armed forces of Cuba, and the Cuban Ministry of the Interior’s Special National Brigade. The brigade is better known as the “Black Berets,” and has been responsible for major crackdowns of protesters in more than 40 cities on the island, according to Politico.

Biden’s measures against Cuba also include providing internet access to Cuban citizens and protesters who have had their internet and communications to the outside world shut off by the Communist regime.

The president’s statement comes after Cubans rose up earlier in the month to protest the regime. Biden also said that he would work with Cuban Americans to bring relief to the country, though he did not say what that would be.