People with fortunes have an economic incentive to hide them behind the appearance of benevolence, so as to avoid scrutiny while making those fortunes even bigger. Behind every “build back better” inch of the WEF’s “great reset” of the global economy is some corporate titan, banking behemoth, power-hungry politician, bureaucratic chieftain, or plain old aristocrat making money or gaining influence from the multitude of secret transactions buttressing the whole philanthropic charade.

They depend upon African slave labor for the mining of “green” raw materials and Chinese slave labor for the manufacturing of “green” technologies while simultaneously smearing as bigots anyone who objects to their open border policies flooding Western nations with endless cheap labor at home. Predictably, those most responsible for undermining labor groups at home while subsidizing slavery abroad are the same ones who lecture the world on racism, fair wages, and human rights.

Stick, meet carrot. They may fly on private jets, but at the end of the day, the World Economic Forum cabal is just the greatest collection of thugs organized crime has ever managed to put together in the same room, orchestrating the most effective schemes ever devised to force formerly free peoples to do exactly what they say.

In a more just era, anybody attending the WEF’s gatherings would be arrested for conspiracy to commit racketeering and fraud. Instead, because the “masters of our future” have invested heavily in the elections of the West’s most prominent leaders, presidents, prime ministers, legislators, and even military staffs are only too happy to champion their cause.