Gatestone Institute senior fellow and author Gordon Chang issued a dire warning about the threat of China making an aggressive move against Taiwan on “Fox & Friends First” Monday, telling hosts Carley Shimkus and Griff Jenkins that President Joe Biden is not “preparing Americans for what is coming.” Chang also warned that U.S.-China relations have reached “one of the most dangerous moments in history” after U.S. lawmakers made an unannounced visit to Taiwan.

ORDON CHANG: Henry Kissinger in The Wall Street Journal article said, ‘We are on the edge of war with Russia and China,’ and I actually think that he is right. One year ago today, China issued propaganda saying that, when they invaded Taiwan — not if they invaded Taiwan — that the island would fall within hours and the U.S. would not come to help. The fall of Afghanistan led to the failure of deterrence in Ukraine, where a much more powerful combination of the United States, the European Union and Great Britain failed to deter Vladimir Putin. The Chinese believe that disarray in the Western coalition really means it is ineffective, and I think the Chinese believe that they can do what they want. This is a point where we should expect that the Chinese will do something. It may not be a full-on invasion, but it could very well be dangerous maneuvering in the air or on the sea that causes the downward spiral. The president of the United States is not preparing the American people for what is coming, what the Chinese tell us they want, which is war in Asia.