End Times News Report – Week in Review – 11/6-11/12/22

Today’s show will feature many headlines in the last week as it pertains to Bible Prophecy including the following:

Extreme Drought all over the world
Euphrates River is drying up
Bolivia’s Second Largest Lake Has Dried Out
Utah’s Great Salt Lake Is Drying Out
First the Mississippi, Now the Ohio River Faces a Barge Crisis
France’s river Loire sets new lows as drought dries up
Severe drought impacts economies linked to the Danube
N. Korea fires more missiles as US flies bombers over South
Powerful eruption at Sangay volcano, Ecuador
Tornado outbreak – Destructive tornadoes hit Texas and Oklahoma, leaving more than 100 000 customers without power
Colombia declares rainfall disaster after highest rainfall in 40 years
Waterspout outbreak off the Florida Keys, U.S.
‘Big one is coming’: Chilling warning about US military’s lack of preparedness from top official
Very bright fireball over northern California, U.S.
Very bright fireball over Portugal and Spain
Big-bang meteor over California and 2 other states on November 5, possibly landed on home causing its destruction
Debt Disaster: Average American Owes More Than $25,000
Soros-Backed Group Demands IRS Crack Down On Politically-Engaged Churches
Blood that has been grown in a laboratory has been put into people in a world-first clinical trial
Maryland legalizes marijuana
Scientists are working on an official ‘alien contact protocol’ for when ET phones Earth
Cameroon – Floods Destroy Almost 20,000 Homes in Far North
Ethiopia – Over 180,000 Displaced by Floods in Gambella Region
Devastating Floods Have Left Over 27 Million Children at Risk
USA – 1 Dead, 2 Missing After Record Rain Triggers Floods in California

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