End Times News Report – Week in Review (7/18 through 7/24/22)

Today’s show will feature many headlines in the last week as it pertains to Bible Prophecy including the following:

-Drought in northern Mexico threatening livelihoods
-60,000 TONS of Frozen Food Destroyed due to suspicious multiple Freezer
-WEF suggests blotting out the Sun to fight climate change
-‘Deafening media silence’ on global protests
-Mass Animal Deaths
-Disastrous WildFires
-Canada’s assisted suicide laws are being rationalized as an answer to poverty, disability
-Echoes Of Ezekiel 38 – Putin Looks To Cement Ties With Iran & Turkey
-Prophetic Countdown? Netanyahu Promises Peace Accords With Multiple Nations
-Deadly Heatwave Causes Nearly 25,000 People To Flee
-More than 480 000 people told to evacuate as record-breaking rainfall hits southwestern Japan
-Monsoon Hits Arizona Leaving 8k Without Electricity

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