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US pressures Israel for 2 State Solution-US accuses Russia of violating Nuke Treaty-Chinese invasion of Taiwan HIGH

You will hear the following in this Report:

Biden to Send Ukraine ANOTHER $2.2 Billion in Military Aid – Including Long-Range Missiles
EU state’s president urges NATO to cross more ‘Russian red lines’
U.S. Says Russia Has Violated Nuclear-Arms Treaty by Blocking Inspections
US, South Korea to Bolster Military Drills That Anger Kim
France and Italy to buy close to 700 Aster missiles
US to increase weapons deployment to counter North Korea
Blinken Calls for ‘2-State’ Solution Amid Mounting Israel–Palestine Violence
North Korea Calls NATO Chief’s Seoul Visit a ‘Prelude’ to War
US Flexes Military Might in South China Sea
France doesn’t rule out sending warplanes to Ukraine
Russia hits back at US over nuclear arms treaty accusations
Ukraine’s Allies Reject Giving Fighter Jets in Blow to Zelenskiy
Taiwan invasion alert: Island scrambles fighter jets, puts navy on standby and activates missile systems in response to 34 Chinese jets and nine warships – as NATO warns of dangerous situation
NATO’s dire warning over China supporting Russia in ‘authoritarian pushback’

Putin mobilizes 200k troops for new invasion-Putin is set on big war w/NATO-US & CHINA War w/in 2 Years

You will hear the following in this Report:

Putin mobilising 200,000 troops for new invasion to topple Ukraine – and he won’t stop, warns Nato chief
NATO Chief Presses South Korea to Provide Arms to Ukraine
Ukraine and West in ‘fast track’ talks for allies to send long range missiles and planes
Putin plotting ‘pre-emptive strike’ on Ukraine as satellite pics show build up of troops
NATO countries poised to send 50 fighter jets to Ukraine
Experts warn Israel is ‘preparing to go to war’ with Iran this summer
Putin Now in a ‘War Against NATO and the West’ in Ukraine, Claims EU Official
US four-star general predicts war with China in two years as he issues chilling memo to Air Force wing commanders to ‘fire a clip’ at a target and ‘aim for the head’ to prepare
Vladimir Putin is set on ‘big war’ with Nato to bring back the Iron Curtain says top Russian political scientist as Ukraine warns Russia will launch new pre-emptive strike by February 24
Official: Russia keeps 3 Kalibr cruise missile carriers in Black Sea
EU secretary suggests Russia is advancing war to ‘different stage’ despite tanks

End Times News Report – Week in Review: 1/23-1/28/23

Today’s show will feature many headlines in the last week as it pertains to Bible Prophecy including:

The U.K. Is Giving Ukraine Hundreds Of Armored Vehicles. Russia Has A Plan For Wrecking Them.
US Clears $2.5Bln in Ukraine Military Aid, Including Bradley, Stryker Vehicles
Moscow warns West of ‘global tragedy’
Vladimir Putin’s Navy Frigate ‘Sailed Towards The US In Show Of Strength’ Before Simulating ‘Hypersonic Missile Launch’ In Atlantic Ocean
Japan, India launch first joint air combat drills amid growing threat posed by China
Santa Catarina floods and landslides leave 4 dead, 1 missing, Brazil
Texas Becomes First State To Potentially Outlaw Chemtrails
Strong M6.2 earthquake hits Guadeloupe at intermediate depth
Very deep M6.8 earthquake hits northern Argentina
Universal Digital Payments Network (UDPN) for stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) was launched at the World Economic Forum
WEF: U.S. Will Soon Make Hate Speech Illegal, Says EU Commissioner
Eruption at Popocatepetl ejects dense ash up to 8.5 km (28 000 feet) a.s.l., Mexico
Very bright fireball over Oklahoma, sonic boom reported, U.S.
Magnitude 6.2 earthquake hits 30 miles west of Guadeloupe in the Leeward Island of the Caribbean
Series of eruptions at Anak Krakatau volcano, Indonesia

And many more headlines, tune in to hear more!

Malawi death toll caused by cholera outbreak passes 1,000

The death toll from a cholera outbreak in Malawi has passed 1,000 while cases have risen to 30,621, the highest on record in the country, Health Minister Khumbize Chiponda said on Wednesday.

Most of the deaths occurred in the two main cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre where children have recently gone back to classes after schools delayed opening to try and contain the spread.

Chiponda called on people to take extra care handling the bodies of cholera victims before funerals.

“People who are dying from cholera may be washed by family members who then prepare funeral feasts … Outbreaks of cholera commonly follow these feasts,” she said.

The minister called for people to use proper decontamination procedures with chlorine and plastic body bags.

Cholera regularly hits the southern African country during rains from November to March, but there was an unusually high surge in contaminations during and after the festive season. The usual annual death toll is around 100.

“The cumulative confirmed cases and deaths since the onset of the outbreak is 30,621 and 1,002, respectively with case fatality rate at 3.27%,” Chiponda said.

Assisted Suicide Could Become a ‘Cost Saving’ Measure for UK Healthcare System, Church Leader Warns

The legalisation of assisted suicide could lead to it being seen as a “cost saving” measure to prop up the United Kingdom’s struggling socialised healthcare system, a top Scottish church leader has warned.

A moderator of the Church of Scotland, Rt Rev Iain Greenshields has expressed concern that in light of the recent expansion of assisted suicide in Canada, any legalisation could later lead to its widespread use and even potentially being utilised in order to save money for the consistently cash-strapped National Health Service (NHS).

“Participants in a research study reported that medical assistance in dying (the term used in Canada) had consumed resources that would otherwise be used to provide palliative care,” Rev Greenshields said in comments reported by The Telegraph.

“Is this really the way we wish to see precious caring resources directed? Given the pressure on healthcare resources, we are also very concerned that assisted dying could be seen as providing an opportunity for cost saving,”

“We are concerned that, should assisted dying be legalised, the way our society views older people and those with disabilities will, over time, become more utilitarian,” he went on to say.

According to the paper, it is estimated that introducing assisted suicide could result in £84 million in reduced costs for the NHS per year.

While committing suicide is not illegal in Britain, encouraging or assisting the suicide of another is punishable by up to 14 years in prison, which the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) noted “reflects the seriousness of the offence.”

Exclusive: Canadian People’s Party Leader Blasts Retailer Over Viral Euthanasia Ad

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) November 29, 2022

Though two previous attempts to legalise the practice in Scotland failed, another bill, introduced by Liberal Democrat Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) Liam McArthur is set to be put forward at Holyrood.

The proposed bill comes after Canada, a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations, expanded its euthanasia laws to include those suffering from mental illness. The country initially legalised assisted suicide in 2016 for terminally ill patients, however, as opponents predicted, this laid the groundwork for the later expansion to non-terminal patients.

While the scheme could potentially be used to save money for the state, in Canada, there have also been reports indicating that economics are playing an increasing role in the decision by individuals to take their own life, namely that poverty is driving them toward suicide.

Censorship, Mass Surveillance and Bugs

People with fortunes have an economic incentive to hide them behind the appearance of benevolence, so as to avoid scrutiny while making those fortunes even bigger. Behind every “build back better” inch of the WEF’s “great reset” of the global economy is some corporate titan, banking behemoth, power-hungry politician, bureaucratic chieftain, or plain old aristocrat making money or gaining influence from the multitude of secret transactions buttressing the whole philanthropic charade.

They depend upon African slave labor for the mining of “green” raw materials and Chinese slave labor for the manufacturing of “green” technologies while simultaneously smearing as bigots anyone who objects to their open border policies flooding Western nations with endless cheap labor at home. Predictably, those most responsible for undermining labor groups at home while subsidizing slavery abroad are the same ones who lecture the world on racism, fair wages, and human rights.

Stick, meet carrot. They may fly on private jets, but at the end of the day, the World Economic Forum cabal is just the greatest collection of thugs organized crime has ever managed to put together in the same room, orchestrating the most effective schemes ever devised to force formerly free peoples to do exactly what they say.

In a more just era, anybody attending the WEF’s gatherings would be arrested for conspiracy to commit racketeering and fraud. Instead, because the “masters of our future” have invested heavily in the elections of the West’s most prominent leaders, presidents, prime ministers, legislators, and even military staffs are only too happy to champion their cause.

Scientists find Earth’s inner core may have started spinning in the opposite direction

The Earth’s inner core — the solid ball of iron some 3,100 miles below our feet — has stopped turning with the rest of the planet and may have even started to spin in the opposite direction, a study has argued. The size of the dwarf planet Pluto, the inner core is able to rotate independently because of how it sits within the liquid metal outer core. Exactly how it rotates, however, has long been a subject of debate. Given its location at the heart of our planet, all that we know about the inner core comes from measuring how it affects the passage of seismic waves through it. In their study, seismology professors Xiaodong Song and Yi Yang of China’s Peking University analyzed seismic waves generated by earthquakes over the course of the last six decades.

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The Earth’s inner core — the solid ball of iron some 3,100 miles below our feet — has stopped turning with the rest of the planet and may have even started to spin in the opposite direction, a study has argued. The size of the dwarf planet Pluto, the inner core is able to rotate independently because of how it sits within the liquid metal outer core. Exactly how it rotates, however, has long been a subject of debate. Given its location at the heart of our planet, all that we know about the inner core comes from measuring how it affects the passage of seismic waves through it.

In their study, seismology professors Xiaodong Song and Yi Yang of China’s Peking University analysed seismic waves generated by earthquakes over the course of the last six decades.

They told the AFP that they found that rotation of Earth’s inner core “came to a near halt around 2009 and then turned in an opposite direction.

“We believe the inner core rotates — relative to the Earth’s surface — back and forth, like a swing.”

The researchers explained that “the cycle of the swing is about seven decades.” This means that the inner core would change its direction of rotation around once every 35 years.

According to the duo, the core last reversed course in the early seventies, and will do so again in the mid-2040s. These changes in rotation also line up with subtle changes in the length of the day — the exact time it takes the Earth to rotate on its axis.

While the behaviour of the inner core has little impact on our day-to-day lives, the researchers believe that all of the Earth’s successive layers — from the core to the crust — are physically linked to each other.

Profs. Song and Yang said: “We hope our study can motivate some researchers to build and test models which treat the whole Earth as an integrated dynamic system.”

Researchers not involved in the study, however, have expressed some skepticism about its conclusions, noting that there are many competing theories.

Seismologist Professor John Vidale of the University of Southern California told the AFP: “This is a very careful study by excellent scientists putting in a lot of data.”

However, he added, “none of the models explains all the data very well, in my opinion.”

Prof. Vidale’s work, in fact, has suggested that the inner core oscillates at a significantly higher frequency, reversing direction around every six years, rather than 35.

Iran warships arrive in Brazil

The State Department said on Tuesday that it is monitoring “Iran’s attempts to have a military presence in the Western Hemisphere,” putting the Biden administration in an increasingly difficult position as it balances anti-regime protests, Iranian military escalation, and collapsing diplomacy over a revamped nuclear deal.

A State Department spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon that it is tracking a recent announcement by the commander of Iran’s navy indicating that warships will establish a presence in the Panama Canal as soon as next month. Already, two Iranian warships—including one equipped with “anti-ship cruise missiles, torpedoes, and naval cannons”—were granted permission to dock in Brazil earlier this week, according to documents published by the Brazilian Navy.

“We are aware of these claims by Iran’s navy,” the State Department spokesman told the Free Beacon. “We continue to monitor Iran’s attempts to have a military presence in the Western Hemisphere.” The official would not preview any potential action the Biden administration may take in response, or answer questions about how it views Iran’s growing military presence in Latin America.

Iran’s increasing influence in Latin America poses a unique problem for the Biden administration as it navigates diplomacy in the region amid a growing number of dictatorships that view an alliance with Tehran as beneficial. Venezuela, for instance, recently inked a massive foreign policy agreement with the Iranian government that will see Tehran increasing its role in the country’s lucrative energy sector. Iranian vessels have more frequently voyaged into the Latin American region, and this month’s announcement by the Iranian Navy indicates the hardline regime is seeking to protect its interests with force.

Asteroid Set to Whiz Past Earth

An asteroid the size of a big truck will fly by Earth on Thursday just 2,200 miles above the planet’s surface in one of the closest approaches ever recorded, scientists said.

The asteroid, named 2023 BU, will travel over the Pacific Ocean west of southern Chile, Thursday afternoon Pacific time, according to Davide Farnocchia, a navigation engineer at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The near-Earth object poses no danger, and there is no expected impact. 

“It’s not going to break up,” said Dr. Farnocchia. “It’s going to zoom past Earth, say hello and move on.”

Had it entered Earth’s orbit, the asteroid would have burned upon entry and, at its small size, turned into a fireball. “It’s not going to get close enough for that,” said Dr. Farnocchia.

This will be the fourth-closest approach recorded, according to Dr. Farnocchia. He said there were two instances in 2020 and another in 2021.

Asteroids are big rocks and harder to recognize than comets, which usually have spectacular tails.

2023 BU was first spotted by amateur astronomer Gennadiy Borisov, from his observatory in Nauchnyi, Crimea, on Jan. 21. More observations were reported to the Minor Planet Center, a clearinghouse for the position measurement of small celestial bodies. And after the discovery was announced, observatories around the globe added to the findings, helping astronomers refine 2023 BU’s orbit, according to NASA. 

Denmark calls for mandatory military service for women

Denmark plans compulsory military conscription for women, as the Nordic country seeks to significantly boost the size of its armed forces.

The move can help Denmark meet its requirements under its Nato membership.

It would also be “beneficial” for the military if it had more women employed, Danish Defence Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen said in an interview with broadcaster TV2.

Currently, women can join on a voluntary basis while men generally are required to serve if they are called on under a lottery system.

The new measure has the backing of several women’s organisations and comes as Denmark, like the rest of Europe, provides increasing levels of support to Ukraine in the war to oust Russia from the country.

The Defence Minister announced the plan as his office published the conclusions of a biannual report by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which criticised Denmark for failing to invest enough in its military, mainly on land and at sea.

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