The crisis in relations between Paris and Washington is serious, it did not end after the dialogue between the two countries was resumed, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said.

“At this stage, I can say that the crisis that we are now experiencing is serious. It has not ended only because the dialogue has resumed. It will continue, and in order to get out of it, serious actions will be needed, not words,” Le Drian at a meeting of the French Senate Commission on International Affairs. Paris also needs to reconsider its relations with London, as it has violated its obligations, Le Drian said.

“Here [in relations with the UK] we also need to move on to review our relations. London should know that it has violated its obligations, including under the agreement on trade and cooperation.”

The crisis in relations between Paris and Washington should not call into question NATO’s main mission of collective defence, Le Drian said.”As for the political context, it seems to me not out of place to remind you that NATO’s main mission is our collective defence. … The United States plays an important role in the alliance, and the crisis we are currently experiencing will not question this central mission.”

He recalled that France had initiated a revision of NATO’s strategic concept for the Madrid summit.

Le Drian also called for a thorough review of cooperation with Australia after its decision to withdraw from the agreement on submarines.

He noted that consultations with the French ambassador recalled from Canberra were continuing.

“Our ambassador to Australia will return [to Canberra], but for now we continue consultations with him, which will allow us to clarify the development of our relations,” the minister stressed.