General Michael Flynn joined Roger Stone on Sunday to discuss the Durham report, in which he said the Republican House should call in former president Barack Obama to testify.

During an interview on WABC77 Talk Radio in New York City, Stone opened his show with an admirable introduction of General Flynn.

“Now that I have gotten to know him, I can honestly say that General Michael Flynn is one of the greatest Americans and has ever been my privilege to know,” Stone said.

“He is not only an outspoken American patriot, but he is a geopolitical genius. And I predict to you, without fear of contradiction, that General Michael Flyn’s greatest days of public service, in my opinion, lie ahead.”

Stone asked Flynn about the infamous briefing he and President Trump received from James Comey and John Brennan after Trump was elected in 2016.

Brennan and Comey knew they were lying to Trump and Flynn at the time because the Russia conspiracy “hoax” was based on a lie.

“Let me kind of start here. You were present on January 6, 2017, at the Trump Tower meeting with President-elect Donald Trump when CIA Director John Brennan, NSA Director Clapper, and FBI Director Comey briefed Trump on the quote, intelligence that Russia had interfered in the election by stealing Democratic Party emails. Did you find that briefing convincing?” Stone asked.

“I did not find it convincing. And another person that was on that briefing, actually, I had set it up in Trump Tower, and I had coordinated because they had reached out to me as the incoming National Security Advisor, Jim Clapper, actually personally reached out,” Flynn replied.

“I did not find that presentation convincing. Mike Rogers from the National Security Agency. Admiral Mike Rogers was also there,” Flynn continued.

“He actually did the majority of the presenting. And I can tell you specifically because I asked the question to make sure that President Trump understood at president-elect Trump at the time understood that I asked the question, how confident are you in this information?”

“And good for Mike Rogers, for Admiral Rogers, he described his level of confidence as being moderate, meaning that he wasn’t convinced that the intelligence that they had was worth a damn, frankly,” he added.

“While the others, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, you could tell they were squirming in their seats a little bit. What was more interesting to me and what we have learned since that famous presentation to Trump up in Trump Tower on the 6 January of 2017 is the meeting that was held in the Oval Office the day prior,” Flynn said.

Roger Stone asked:

“Okay, that’s where every now famous meeting. We have all of the suspects; we have 90% of the evidence that has already been exposed.”

“And that meeting was with Obama. Biden. Comey. Clapper. Brennan Susan Rice, Sally Yates, Deputy Attorney General. And the entirety of that meeting was to figure out how to get rid of General Michael Flynn, the guy that is speaking right now, which initially everybody that the reporting at the time, people were reporting on it as though they’re having this meeting. And this meeting is about the presentation to Trump the next day,” Stone continued.