Hundreds of dead fish washed up dead on Palmares Beach in the city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on January 18, 2022.

Fishermen indicated that it is not common to see these species near the beach, since these fish normally live in the deep ocean (40m-600m or 130ft-1930ft).

About 200 largehead hairtail (Trichiurus lepturus) have been counted. They are small (40-60cm in length), elongated and have sharp teeth!

About 200 deep sea fish found dead on a beach in Puerto Vallarta, mexico
About 200 deep sea fish found dead on a beach in Puerto Vallarta

Authorities are now analyzing the cause of their mysterious death.

Local fishermen already have their own theory. They believe that some strong tide took them out of their habitat, brought them towards the surface and when died of depressurization, before being dragged by the tide to the beach.

Like many netizens, I believe that the Tonga underwater volcanic eruption may also have a responsability in this fish mass die-off.

Could it be linked to the gas released underwater during the eruption?

It is worth noting that the blast was the most important in the last 40 years, triggered tsunami alerts and caused variations in tide levels on the coasts of various countries, including Mexico.