(The Daily Fetched) Following Kevin McCarthy’s ouster filed by Florida Republican Matt Gaetz on Tuesday, a growing number of Republicans are declaring support for former President Donald Trump as Speaker.

McCarthy’s GOP colleagues and House Democrats voted to oust him by 216-210.

McCarthy became the first House speaker in American history to be ousted by a motion to vacate, spending less than nine months in office.

McCarthy angered many after striking a with Democrats to avoid the government shutdown.

Not long after McCarthy was ousted, Representative Patrick McHenry of North Carolina was named acting Speaker, a position he will hold until a new speaker is elected.

McCarthy announced on Tuesday that he won’t be running for the gavel again as speculation mounts on who will replace him.

“I believe I can continue to fight, maybe in a different manner,” McCarthy said.

“I will not run for speaker again, I’ll have the conference pick somebody else.”

Now, a growing number of Republicans are calling for Trump to replace McCarthy as Speaker of the House.

There is no requirement that the Speaker must be a House member.

However, a move to elect Trump would be historic and unprecedented.

During his Fox News show on Tuesday, Sean Hannity suggested Trump could be brought in as a Speaker to replace McCarthy.

“Sources telling me at this hour that some House Republicans have been in contact with, and have started an effort to draft, former President Donald Trump to be the next speaker and I have been told that President Trump might be open to helping the Republican party, at least in the short term,” Hannity said.

Meanwhile, Trump’s former White House strategist and War Room host, Steve Bannon said a move to elect Trump as Speaker would “bring this party together.”

The notion wasn’t lost on Infowars’ Alex Jones, who said, “Donald Trump should be nominated as a litmus test on these Republicans.”

“With all the fake charges and all the fake trials, how awesome would it be to make Donald Trump Speaker of the House?” Jones added.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani also called for Trump to become Speaker in a post on X:

“President Donald Trump for Speaker of the House?” he wrote.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Greene took to X hours after McCarthy’s ouster, declaring her support for Donald Trump as Speaker of the House.

Greene wrote:

“The only candidate for Speaker I am currently supporting is President Donald J. Trump.

He will end the war in Ukraine.

He will secure the border.

He will end the politically weaponized government.

He will make America energy independent again.

He will pass my bill to stop transgender surgeries on kids and keep men out of women’s sports.

He will support our military and police.

And so much more!

He has a proven 4-year record as President of the United States of America.

He received a record number of Republican votes of any Republican Presidential candidate!

We can make him Speaker and then elect him President!