It’s reported that no disciplinary action is expected over a grave error made by the US military after a drone strike in Afghanistan killed 10 civilians, seven of them being children, in late August.

Pentagon correspondent Lucas Tomlinson for Fox News on Friday broke the story of the Pentagon’s pending admission that the US drone strike didn’t kill any ISIS-K personnel but claimed the lives of one dozen innocent civilians, a majority children. “No disciplinary action expected, officials say, according to Tomlinson’s reporting. “US military stands by intel leading to strike.”

Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, head of US Central Command, stated at a Pentagon news conference: “We now assess that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were associated with ISIS-K or a direct threat to US forces.” The investigation “now concludes that our strike was a tragic mistake,” McKenzie acknowledged.

New York Times investigation last week casted doubt on the White House’s claims that the Biden administration killed ISIS-K terrorists.

Back on Sept. 1, the Biden administration’s Joint Chief of Staff General Mark Milley justified the attack as “righteous” and the intelligence as “still valid.”

“At this point, we think that the procedures were correctly followed and it was a righteous strike,” Milley said at the time during the early September news conference marking the end to 20 years of US military operations in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon’s shocking admission comes on the heels of widespread criticism of the Biden administration’s handling of the US withdrawal from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, and critics now have more fuel added to the fire.

According to the Daily Wire, the US drone strike in Afghanistan on Aug. 29 was “meant as a response to a terrorist attack on the Kabul airport, which killed 13 service members of the U.S. military and dozens more.”