If Kenosha or any other Democrat-run cities burn tonight, the blame lies squarely on the liars who spread the lies to encourage these riots: Joe Biden and the corporate media.

Kyle Rittenhouse has been found not guilty on all counts. Well, no shit. It’s on video. Of course, he’s not guilty. Now, no one, much less a 17-year-old, should be running into a riot carrying an AR-15. But terrible judgment is not, nor should it be, a crime.

It was a no-brainer verdict. Of course, the fascist Kenosha, Wisconsin, prosecutors knew it was a no-brainer verdict. But the fascist prosecutors likely thought that, at the very least, they could punish Rittenhouse by putting him through this wringer. Nazis.

So now the question is, as it always is when Democrats don’t get what they want, how many Democrat-run cities will burn tonight at the hands of Democrats?

Just so we’re clear on this point… I could not care less. I live in MAGA Country, where we don’t have riots. Where the streets, air, and water are safe and clean. Where people of all races and backgrounds own guns and get along just fine.

If Democrats want to burn down Democrat-run cities… Whatever.

But if Democrats do burn down Democrat-run cities this weekend, let’s just remember who exactly screamed RACE! in this crowded theater while pouring the gasoline of lies all over everything—and that’s the corporate media: NBC News, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNNLOL, ABC, CBS, etc.

Let me put it this way… The Democrats who run the corporate media have spent months spreading audacious lies about Kyle Rittenhouse, flat-out falsehoods. Why? To deliberately incite Democrats to burn down Democrat-run cities in the event Rittenhouse was acquitted.

And he was acquitted, lol, so here we go…