Former President Donald Trump put his iconic signature on a court bond document Tuesday where he agreed to a “special condition” to stay silent about “the facts of the case” against him.

Trump pleaded not guilty Tuesday to federal criminal charges that he illegally kept national security records when he left office and lied to officials who sought to retrieve them. During his initial court appearance, Trump signed off on his appearance bond form, according to a Wednesday filing in his case in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Trump was permitted to leave court without conditions or travel restrictions and no cash bond was required. U.S. Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman, who presided over the former president’s historic arraignment, ruled he was not allowed to communicate with potential witnesses in the case. The special condition checked off on the six-page bond form is listed as follows: “Special Condition- Fact Witnesses on the list provided by the Government- No Communication about the facts of the case, except through counsel.”

The government only requested two other conditions: that Trump will not commit any new state, federal, or local criminal offenses, and that Trump will appear in court on dates where he is required.

Trump’s aid Walt Nauta, who is also charged in the case, appeared on Tuesday with Trump but will not need to enter a plea until June 27 because he does not have a local lawyer. Nauta was also released without needing to post bond and was ordered not to talk to other witnesses.

Goodman said in court Tuesday that Trump and Nauta could still talk to each other about topics unrelated to the criminal investigation, but that discussions about the case would need to go through their respective attorneys.