Putin mobilizes 200k troops for new invasion-Putin is set on big war w/NATO-US & CHINA War w/in 2 Years

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Putin mobilising 200,000 troops for new invasion to topple Ukraine – and he won’t stop, warns Nato chief
NATO Chief Presses South Korea to Provide Arms to Ukraine
Ukraine and West in ‘fast track’ talks for allies to send long range missiles and planes
Putin plotting ‘pre-emptive strike’ on Ukraine as satellite pics show build up of troops
NATO countries poised to send 50 fighter jets to Ukraine
Experts warn Israel is ‘preparing to go to war’ with Iran this summer
Putin Now in a ‘War Against NATO and the West’ in Ukraine, Claims EU Official
US four-star general predicts war with China in two years as he issues chilling memo to Air Force wing commanders to ‘fire a clip’ at a target and ‘aim for the head’ to prepare
Vladimir Putin is set on ‘big war’ with Nato to bring back the Iron Curtain says top Russian political scientist as Ukraine warns Russia will launch new pre-emptive strike by February 24
Official: Russia keeps 3 Kalibr cruise missile carriers in Black Sea
EU secretary suggests Russia is advancing war to ‘different stage’ despite tanks